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2: Powerless to Powerful with Alaina Shearer

2: Powerless to Powerful with Alaina Shearer

November 2, 2020

What happens when the glass ceiling crashes into you? Well, if you're Alaina Shearer, you build something new, and better, than the dream you started out with. If you've ever felt alone you'll be inspired by Alaina's journey.

Like many women who grew up in the “Barbie generation” believing that “we girls can do anything,” Alaina Shearer was surprised that the workforce she entered wasn’t fully prepared to reward her hard work or value her professional contributions. When the glass ceiling turned out to be a prescient reality, rather than a thing her mother’s generation broke through, she fought back. She left the corporate world and started her own company, a digital agency, but then she did something remarkable, she beat the odds and joined the just 1.7% of women who grew her business to over 1 million dollars. Oh...AND She didn’t stop there, she decided to take what she learned and help other women to do the same so she founded Together Digital, a professional organization for women like her, and now she’s running for congress.

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Episode One: The Trailer

Episode One: The Trailer

November 1, 2020

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